Commercial Drone Service

Daytona Drone Club is now in the commercial drone business. We graduated from the club to offering unlimited possibilities using The Yuncee Manufactured drone. This is the one for safety and reliability.

Get hands on drone pilot training with the club at the Volusia county fairgrounds. We will be working a skills development program with the Yancee drone so you can see it operate. The cargo mount can carry endless payloads and Yancee has made it open source so we can develop additional capabilities and also other manufactures.
Hands on flight training with various drones in our inventory. Build your ability and get your drone license so you can get into the income generating phase of the industry.
Look for a upcoming schedule for demonstrations, small drone build sessions and even small done race instruction

Find out how this drone can add to your industry.

Agriculture :
Look at some of the Farming options available :
Advanced agriculture mapping software for aerial crop analysis and digital farming
we use Parrot Sequoia+ with the Pix4Dfields software

Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round


Site Mapping

Preconstruction survey, topographical measurements and project progress become concise and efficient using unmanned aviation solutions. The Yuneec H520E is designed to fly repeatable, perfect-placement flight over construction sites, providing not only measurable and demonstrable project data, but also helping to identify shrink points or at-risk areas. Autonomous flight allows for repeated flights that may be layered to determine changes in the work site and provide comparisons over time.


Vertical structures can be inspected safely and efficiently with the precise flight behavior of the H520E. Long focal lengths allow users to fly further back from the object being viewed, without compromising image quality or depth. DataPilot™ can store missions that require weekly or monthy re-flight for purposes of comparison, failure evaluation, or deterioration studies. The safety improvement and cost reduction with sUAS inspection are staggering in comparison.

mobile measurement system for gaseous and powdery air pollutants

The Yuncee 520e is data safe. No external connections to the internet. No National security issues

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