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Buying Made in China Parts

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Building a ArduPilot drone I encountered this great list of advise about buying parts from china because of cheep prices

Chinese Imports Good Deal / Bad Deal?

  1. It is very tempting especially when just starting out to buy lots of Chinese direct import stuff because it is so much cheaper: Bad Idea!
  2. As you gain experience, you will learn which import items are serviceable, if you try to do it at the beginning things will not go well.
  3. I recommend you always get the main electronics (autopilot) from the primary source, in our case the Pixhawk from 3DRobotics.
  4. You will also want to get the electronic accessories (GPS, magentometer, telemetry and OSD if used) from 3DRobotics as well.
  5. If your going to do first person view, get a 3DRobotics FPV kit or a FatShark Attitude video goggle and transmitter.
  6. As for cameras, the GoPro Hero 3 and especially the Black is the one to get, because it is what everybody uses and it works well.
  7. The DJI Flamewheel ARF kit which is recommended is made in China but is a known quality setup, so where you get it is up to you.
  8. The Traxxas, Hubsan and Helimax highly recommended starter micro-Quadcopters are also made in China but are still a great way to start.
  9. Motors, Batteries, ESCs, frames and even FRSky or Turnigy RC transmitters and receivers can be very good deals direct from China.
  10. A lot of items we buy domestically are actually made in China and of course, quality varies widely, regardless of country of origin.
  11. A $25.00 RC-Timer motor is not likely to be of the same quality as the equivalent $100.00 Tiger-Motor, but hey, it’s only $25.00.
  12. Although direct Chinese imports generally have pretty reliable shipping, aftermarket support or returns are often very problematic.
  13. If you build in a ten to twenty percent broken, damaged or not included expectation for Chinese imports you will not be disappointed.

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