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Simple gps setup

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The SCL and SDA are I2C for the compass, TX and RX will be GPS. so see as below

SCL Goes to SCL
TX Goes to RX
RX Goes to TX


6 wires in total.

Tx and RX crosses for the GPS
SCL and SDA 1-1 for Compass
Power + and -

Have you enabled the port in the Prams as GPS2 is disabled as standard.

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If you followed the ser #1 build it was using a here3 from holybro. 

the manual from the cubepilot site explains setting up the GPS for canbus.


Connect the HERE3 CAN connector to CAN1 port on autopilot. Connect to Mission Planner and go to “UAVCAN” tab. Click “SLCan Mode CAN1” to load CAN GPS status.

Click “Menu>Update” to check available updates. Update the HERE3 firmware to version 1.6.

Well I was never able to get the canbus to reveal the gps rev. My research lead me to a dead end. Asking questions on the forums got nothing. 

So thinking i would take another crack at it i purchased a brand new pixhawk 4 so i could learn the canbus setup and again the same result. The canbus running slcan just didn't work.

The mission is to setup a base and signal transmission station for accuracy,  Well i guess not today. Today I am purchasing a ublox 9 gps antenna that says canbus to try that 

of course the research on can bus will continue.   here is a nice nugget, appears the support for the project actually never was



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