Drone Build Ser #1

File Types

ArduPilot Pre-Built Binaries  https://firmware.ardupilot.org 

  • *.apj files: these are “ArduPilot JSON” firmwares, which contain a firmware that can be loaded by ArduPilot compatible ground station software
  • *.px4 files: these are an older name for an apj file, and use the same format
  • *.hex files: these are firmwares in Intel hex format, for loading with DFU loading tools. These are used for boards which don’t come with an ArduPilot compatible bootloader
  • *_with_bl.hex files: these are variants of the hex files with the bootloader built-in. They can be used to install both the bootloader and ArduPilot vehicle firmware in one step using a DFU loading tool
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