mapping UAV

The definition of mapping is the graphical representation of information based on spatial relationships. Mapping is typically used to portray scaled geographical features forests, roads, and water. It is generally an ongoing process because regular changes in climate conditions and structural developments make it necessary to carry out regular mapping.

Originally, mapping involved just field measurements; however, the use of planes, and later helicopters, for aerial photography has significantly increased mapping possibilities. It is now possible, for example, to render multispectral images which enable climatic measurements.

Performing aerial photography with helicopters and planes is expensive, requires trained personnel, and cannot be undertaken at certain times due to safety regulations. A mapping UAV provides the ideal alternative; they are cheaper to operate, can be instantly deployed, and can be programmed pre-flight to follow a route via waypoint grids. In addition to this, the data is stored as a hard copy which can be easily inputted in geo-mapping software, allowing the swift implementation of the data.

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