Motors: learn as you Build

Motor specs and analyzing the parameters

What are the specifications that motor manufactures provide and what do they mean.
Parts to assemble the motors
Difference between uses for the motor. Freestyle, Racing , Commercial
What pilots report about specs and prop sizes

PM/V  (KV Value)
Weight  with Lead wires
Motor  Diameter
Motor  Length
Diameter  of Shaft
Propeller  mounting holes(Pitch, Size)
Motor  mounting holes(Pitch, Size)
Slots,Poles  No.
Motor  Free load Current @ 44.4V
Motor  efficiency
Winding  Resistance of stator
Turn to turn insulation performance of stator winding(Surge  Test)
Withstanding  voltage and insulation performance of motor(Hi-Pot Test)
Rated  Voltage
Bursts  Current(30s)
Peak  Power(30s)
Max temperature of motor surface(100% throttle with propeller  run for ten minutes )
Temperature  resistance of motor(30S)
Max  ambient temperature of working
Lead  wire
Recommended  ESC
Recommended  Propeller& Max Thrust
Propeller  adapters
Centrifugal  fan
Dynamic  balanced rotor
High  heavy design
Design  of motor shaft looseness
Water  & duty proof
Maintenance  free in warranty
Take  off Weight of Quad-copter(for 30*95 or 30*80 propeller)
Take off Weight of Hex-copter (for 30*95 or 30*80  propeller) ;
Take  off Weight of Oct-copter (for 30*95 or 30*80 propeller)

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