You Have to use open SOURCE

This has to be the most important part of building a drone and running a business. Ok you can go out and spend 20 thousand dollars and get into business but what about the learning. It’s an American bad habit, See a trend, think it’s a simple solution to get involved, so you drop a bunch of money at it. Don’t believe me, looke at the used drone sales, so many,
If it was simple everyone would be doing it. That’s what I always say.

The most wonderful thing to come out of the generation that does programming is open sourse, I think its a microcrap rebellion, you know bill bates steals a program and becomes super rich and screws everyone along the way, we will avoid the vaccine topic.

Open source is everywhere in the drone build community, that means you can see the code and even make changes to it. This is the way the world is supposed to work, not crybabies saying you stole my copy write article I am gonna sue you. This is not group think either, this is a person learning the in and outs of programming by doing and then asking for help. And getting it! Because it benefits everyone

The best thing that could happen is to ditch microcrap and get on linux. It takes a little getting used to but the freedom and privacy is what you gain. Again your probably looking at facecrook 10 times a day, get a real life, get outside for a while. Go Fly a Drone!

So what does this mean, get your hands dirty, learn the mechanics, the electronics, the software and fly the drone. Of course I am talking to a certain type of individual, the drone operator that shows up and when the drone doesn’t function properly he fixes it!

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