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Battery storage, swollen battery

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Tips to Avoid a Swollen Battery

  • Proper charging – Make sure you charge your battery properly using a quality battery charger.  For safety, make sure you put your batteries in a lipo bag while charging.   you can insure that if something goes wrong at least it will be contained.
  • Don’t over-discharge – Make sure you stop using your battery before the voltage gets to the minimum cut-off voltage.
  • Heat kills batteries – Don’t use batteries or charge batteries when they are warm. After you’re done using them, give them a little time to cool off before you charge them. And after you are done charging them, give them a little time before you use them.
  • Proper storage – Do not store your batteries in a hot location.  Store lipo’s at the proper storage voltage. Swelling increased significantly after only 4 hours of storage when batteries were at a state of charge above 80%.
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