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settings (in Arducopter) of Cube Orange for Gremsy T3v3

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Connect the Gimbal’s COM2 port to one of the autopilot’s Serial/Telemetry ports like Telem2 as shown above.

Connect with a ground station and set the following parameters:

MNT_TYPE to “4” for “SToRM32 MavLink”

SERIAL2_BAUD to “115” for 115200 bps. “SERIAL2” can be replaced with another serial port (i.e. SERIAL1) depending upon the physical connection

SERIAL2_PROTOCOL to 2 for “MAVLink2”

SR2_EXTRA1 to 10


The gimbal’s maximum angles can be set using these parameters:

MNT_ANGMIN_ROL to -3000 to allow leaning left up to 30deg

MNT_ANGMAX_ROL to 3000 to allow leaning right up to 30deg

MNT_ANGMIN_TIL to -9000 to allow pointing 90deg down

MNT_ANGMAX_TIL to 3000 to allow pointing 30deg up

MNT_ANGMIN_PAN to -18000 to allow turning around to the left

MNT_ANGMAX_PAN to 18000 to allow turning around to the right
To control the gimbal’s lean angles from a transmitter set:

MNT_RC_IN_TILT to 6 to control the gimbal’s tilt (aka pitch angle) with the transmitter’s Ch6 tuning knob

MNT_RC_IN_ROLL to some input channel number to control the gimbal’s roll angle

MNT_RC_IN_PAN to some input channel number to control the gimbals’ heading
For reference, Gremsy’s setup instructions can be found here.

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