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Made in US

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Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone                                                                             Autel Evo II Dual 640 Drone

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640 px Flir Boson sensor of the Autel Evo II units,

versus that of the 160 px Flir Lepton core found in the very common

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and Parrot Anafi Thermal. 


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U.S. Drone Companies

The DoD’s support for enabling American made drones inspired us to create this growing list of drone companies that manufacture in the USA. This list covers a broad range of consumer, commercial, enterprise and military drone manufacturers.  

Action Drone Inc. - San Diego, CA

Action Drone Inc. is an industrial drone solutions company for both commercial markets and drone pilots. Our unique AD approach acts on business development strategies, crafting OEM unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), deploying our pilot networks, and standardizing training and services to suit our clients’ needs. Working with worldwide industrial markets and government agencies – to enhance efficiency and multiply workforce with drones – we’re not your ordinary drone services company. WE TAKE ACTION. WE ARE ACTION DRONE.

Advanced Aircraft Company, Hampton, VA

Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) produces vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial systems (UAS) targeting military and commercial markets. Our first product, the HAMR UAS, incorporates a hybrid electric propulsion system, which enables the aircraft to carry ~8 times more useful energy than a battery powered multi-rotor. This long endurance serves our commercial customers by increasing the productivity of their pilots, which enables twice as many acres to be imaged per day, and thus twice as much revenue.

Aerovironment - Simi Valley, CA

AeroVironment provides customers with more actionable intelligence so they can proceed with certainty. Based in California, AeroVironment is a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems and tactical missile systems, and serves defense, government and commercial customers.

AgEagle - Wichita, KS

AgEagle was created to pioneer, innovate and advance aerial imaging data collection and analytics technologies capable of addressing the impending food and environmental sustainability crises that threaten our planet. 

AgrowDrone - Binghamton, New York

AgrowDrone is an USA manufacturer of Agricultural drones. AgrowDrone provides aerial imaging and crop spraying services and equipment to help farmers improve yields and reduce production costs.

Airgility - College Park, MD

Airgility creates multi-mission vehicles that can make a big social impact. Whether delivering medical supplies, conducting search and rescue, or protecting our borders, Airgility provides the best-in-class hybrid VTOL unmanned aerial systems. 

Altavian - Gainesville, FL

Altavian is an aerospace and defense company headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Founded in 2011, Altavian has grown out of its start-up stages into a small-company of over 40 employees. Altavian produces and manufactures its equipment in-house. 

Applied Aeronautics - Austin, TX

Applied Aeronautics is based out of Austin, Texas and manufactures an affordable, long-range UAV solution - the Albatross. The Albatross is an incredibly robust fully autonomous UAV that our customers have used for a range of unique applications from conservation and surveillance to research and precision agriculture and surveying. 

Ascent Aerosystems - Tewksbury, MA

Ascent AeroSystems designs and manufactures rugged “coaxial” drones for the industrial, public safety and defense markets.  With a unique cylindrical configuration that’s far more portable and durable than conventional multirotors, our drones are ideal for mission-critical operations in the toughest environments.

AuterionGS - Moorpark, CA

Auterion provides enterprise with an ecosystem of software-defined drones, payloads, and apps within a single easy to use platform based on open-source standards. We are leaders in an open source movement that works together to meet the needs of enterprises, government, and drone manufacturers. 

Bell Flight - Fort Worth, TX  

Bell Flight is an American aerospace manufacturer headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. A subsidiary of Textron, Bell manufactures military rotorcraft at facilities in Fort Worth, and Amarillo, Texas, as well as commercial helicopters in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada

BFD Systems - Pennsaukn, NJ

BFD Systems is a UAV hardware development and integration company. We create UAV solutions for companies who have needs outside of what is commercially available in the market. BFD specializes in large industrial multirotors for heavy lift payloads, long endurance flights, gas hybrid UAVs, hydrogen fuel cell, and tethered UAV solutions.

Cleo Robotics - Boston, MA 

The Cleo Drone is a compact and rugged UAV designed specifically for safe operation indoors and in confined spaces for reconnaissance and inspections.

Corvus Robotics - Boston, MA

Corvus Robotics sells logistics and disinfection robotics, AI software, and data-driven supply chain insights to companies and governments around the world. By developing “Industry 4.0” innovative technologies, we help companies and organizations understand and manage their facilities in new ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Dragonfly - Beverly Hills, CA

DragonFly  Unmanned Aerial Solutions (UAS) is an FAA approved aerial solutions provider. DragonFly is the touchstone for professional grade, high-concept aerial filming. Aeronautical engineering staff + experienced aerial DPs have designed drone systems tailored specifically for the wants and needs of filmmakers.

DVAerialCam - Binghamton, New York

DVaerialCAM is a USA manufacturer of purpose built drones for aerial imaging.  All components of DVaerialCAM aircraft are from the USA including the flight controllers.  No aircraft positioning, flight, or sensor data is shared with nor available to any foreign governments. 

Easy Aerial - Brooklyn, NY 

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Easy Aerial specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and software integration of the highest quality, rugged, and fully autonomous aerial monitoring solutions of multi-purpose drones for constant and on-demand surveillance without the need of human intervention.

Flir - Wilsonville, OR

FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. 

Freefly Systems - Woodinville, WA

Freefly Systems is a rapidly growing tech and cinema company representing the intersection of art and technology. Our team consists of industry leading specialists all focused on one task – inventing solutions to allow unrestricted camera movement. Freefly Systems initially developed the CineStar line of multi-rotor camera platforms, which allowed smooth, stable and dynamic low-altitude aerials. After years of research and development in camera stability, Freefly Systems created the MōVI stabilized camera gimbal. Our goal with the MōVI is to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography on a variety of platforms, from handheld to helicopter, and everything in between.

GreenSight - Boston, MA

GreenSight’s industry-leading technology is developed and supported by a team with extensive backgrounds in robotics, autonomous vehicles, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/drones), advanced communications and other forms of aerospace development as well as agriculture and land management.

Hylio - Richmond, Texas

Hylio creates crop spraying drone systems that are extremely easy to use and reliable. Their mission is to make farming easier and more successful for everyone. They are proudly American owned and operated and supporting our customers is our top priority.

Impossible Aerospace - Santa Clara, CA 

Impossible Aerospace builds high performance electric aircraft that save lives. Founded in 2016 by former Tesla engineer Spencer Gore, the company unveiled its US-1 aircraft in 2018, unique for its long endurance and US origin. The company is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Eclipse Venture, and Airbus Ventures.

Inova Drone - San Diego, CA

Inova drone designs, manufactures, and services small Unmanned Aircraft Systems that deliver unprecedented performance, endurance, and reliability.  Our UAV systems are multi-mission capable and effortlessly customizable to take on a number of mission-critical applications in the government, defense, industrial and commercial markets. 

Insitu - Bingen, WA 

Insitu is a pioneer in the design, development, production and operation of high-performance, cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems. Insitu is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company and is headquartered in Bingen, Washington with offices in Oregon, California, Australia and the United Kingdom. These technologies can be applied to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance efforts in the defense sector, as well as the government and commercial industries, such as environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, search-and-rescue, disaster relief, and mining operations. 

Inspired Flight - San Luis Obispo, CA

Inspired Flight was founded in late 2016 by our CEO, Marc Stollmeyer, an engineer with a life-long passion for robotics and UAVs. Initially a UAV components manufacturer, Inspired Flight patented the Bernoulli 3 motor, the first industrial UAV motor to successfully integrate an ESC for maximum efficiency & in-field replacement. Early 2018 came the introduction of Inspired Flight’s first complete commercial UAV platform, this initial release has grown into what is now the IF750 series of quadcopters serving industries across the globe. From those initial prototypes to full-scale production today, Inspired Flight has taken pride in innovating and growing the domestic UAS market by committing to manufacturing in San Luis Obispo, California.

Lucid Drones - Charlotte, NC

Lucid Drones works diligently to push our technology to the boundaries of what is possible. Every Lucid drone is built at our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. All Lucid employees are based in the United States.

Lumenier - Sarasota, FL

Lumenier is a US-based drone and robotics design and manufacturing company located in Sarasota, Florida. The company is instrumental in helping the DoD warfighter develop advanced technology- driven sUAS and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) capabilities to acquire battlefield intelligence. The solutions Lumenier designs and manufactures establish information superiority, thus overcoming adversarial actions that deploy non-traditional or unconventional military tactics in an asymmetrical environment. Lumenier is privately owned by Chicago based Private Equity firm Pfingsten Financial Partners. The company portfolio of holdings includes GetFPV.com, the leading US online retailer of consumer and commercial drone components.


Orion Technology Group - Wilmington, DE

Orion designs and manufactures the X-series of nano and small unmanned aerial systems (nUAS, sUAS) that are part of the Orion AIM – Artificial Intelligence Mission – system. AIM enables on and off device machine learning and utilizes the wearable Orion ITN – Intelligent Tactical Network – mobile ad hoc network to provide long range agile command, control, communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functionality from a tactical cell phone running Orion GCS – Ground Control Station – software. Designed for the tactical industrial user, Orion’s cargo pocket and man portable drones leverage proprietary software to enable coordinated robot to robot and robot to human mission profiles. 

Parrot - Boston, MA

ANAFI USA is the latest evolution of Parrot’s extensive experience in developing and bringing to market innovative drone solutions for commercial markets. A trusted name in drones, Parrot’s decade-long experience serving the needs of industries through its hardware and software ecosystems cannot be matched. Additionally, it’s growing list of innovative and experienced industry partners continue to strengthen and bolster the platform’s offerings.

Planck - San Diego, CA

Planck Aero’s technology ushers in a new era of drone flight, offering the ability to operate autonomously from a moving vehicle or vessel on land or at sea. Planck Aero designs, develops, builds, and deploys advanced drone navigation solutions that unlock new opportunities and enhances capabilities for surveillance, reconnaissance, real-time situational awareness, and force protection.  

Rapid Composites - Sarasota, FL

Since 1999 Rapid Composites has been an established provider of engineering services with the skill, training, expertise and resources to take projects from concept through production. They work on time, on budget and within the most exacting standards of precision and performance. Rapid Composites offers a wide array of services including industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, prototyping, tooling, carbon fiber molding and production. They specialize in developing products from the ground up and are capable of executing a “start to finish” process entirely under one roof.

RoboDub - Seattle, WA

Robodub is redefining the very definition of a multi-rotor drone. We have built cutting edge Morphing drone technology which allows the drone to change its shape in mid-flight for increased agility, safety and enhanced dynamic load balancing capability. We are targeting counter-drone, package delivery and military applications

Robotic Research - Clarksburg, MD

Robotic Research is a leading provider of autonomy and robotic technology driving the transformation of commercial and government autonomous operations through innovative and intelligent systems. Whether providing autonomous vehicles to the military to keep the warfighter safe; delivering unmanned, transformable robots to extend the reach of Special Forces units; or making commercial transportation safer and more efficient, Robotic Research is leading this dynamic revolution in technology.

Saxon Aerospace - McPherson, KS

Saxon Aerospace is a leader in Unmanned System Technology located in Kansas USA. As a US Drone manufacturer, our mission is to provide rugged, reliable, and field-tested aircraft to the industry. Saxon’s mission is to provide the best drones at a reasonable price and provide actionable intelligence through the use of cutting-edge sensor technology.

Shield AI - San Diego, CA

Shield AI's mission is to protect service members and civilians. with artificially intelligent systems. Products that Operationalize AI Today. Shield AI leverages decades worth of research and industry-leading talent to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence software and systems.


Professional high-performance sUAS, specializing in aggressive flight dynamics

Skydio - Redwood City, CA

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology. Skydio leverages breakthrough AI technology to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines for consumers, enterprises, defense and civilian agencies. Founded in 2014, Skydio built a world class R&D team with leading experts in AI, robotics, cameras, and electric vehicles from top companies, research labs, and universities. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Skydio designs, assembles, and supports its products in the U.S. to offer higher standards of supply chain and manufacturing security.

Skyfish - Stevensville, Montana

Skyfish has developed a deep drone platform technology stack and we design and manufacture our own onboard computer, remote controller, carbon composite airframes, battery charging system, ground station, flight planning and navigation software, and 3D modeling, mapping, and data analytics software. Skyfish supports industry standard sensors, cameras, RTK kits, and radios. And has unique data processing, mapping and 3D modeling capabilities.

Skyfront - Menlo Park, CA 

The future consists of unmanned aircraft routinely flying over the horizon, performing tasks without human observation. These vehicles range in size and shape. What they have in common is that they are safe, autonomous, and hybrid-electric. Skyfront is constantly working to make that vision a reality.

Solute - San Diego, CA

SOLUTE is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2002 to solve high-end/complex engineering problems for Government clients who are focused on delivering essential operational capabilities. SOLUTE has a long history of service to DoD customers, with a particularly close relationship with the U.S. Navy and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR). With a proud military heritage and participation in numerous operational, training, and test and evaluation exercises, SOLUTE provides clients with valuable subject matter expertise and the top engineering minds required for cutting-edge research and development. SOLUTE's services are grounded in our ability to effectively understand and develop Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and requirements at all levels. SOLUTE has specific experience in the R&D, integration, and sustainment of concepts and designs within complex system-of-systems.

Teal Drones - Salt Lake City, UT 

Since 2014, Teal has developed American-made sUAS designed with performance in mind for consumer, government, and military markets.

TerraView - Valencia, CA 

As TerraView specializes in fully customized UAV solutions, exemplary customer satisfaction is the company’s sole priority from the first interaction to final delivery, and beyond. When purchasing a TerraView product, customers receive step-by-step guidance and support, giving them full confidence in their investment.

Union Robotics - Beaverton, OR 

Union Robotics designs and manufactures unmanned robotic vehicles with a user-centric approach, for the purpose of increasing safety, reducing operation costs, and increasing efficiency.

Unmanned Systems and Solutions - Tampa, FL

USaS was formed by combat proven unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operators and experienced technology executives to provide heavy duty, high powered UAS products and services. USaS designed its products and solutions for the communications, surveillance, counter UAV and inspections industries. Our solutions are designed to service commercial, industrial, governmental and military UAS operators.

Vantage Robotics - San Leandro, CA

We’re a team of Stanford and Yale-trained Silicon Valley engineers who set out to expand the aerial frontier. We design and build our products in our headquarters in San Leandro California so we can maintain control over design, production, and quality, as well as bring together the latest technologies from Silicon Valley and beyond at unparalleled speed. We service what we sell in the same facility so you can be sure we have your back.

Volansi - Concord, CA

Volansi is the leader of VTOL drone delivery. We design and build the most innovative long-range, heavy-payload unmanned aerial systems on the market. We provide end-to-end drone delivery services for time-critical parts and supplies, saving our customers time, money, and even lives. To do all of this we have assembled the world's best team who live by the core principles of Airmanship. We design, manufacture, and test our technology in northern California and Arizona (U.S.A.), for delivery projects all over the world.

xCraft - Coeur d'Alene, ID 

xCraft is a US company that designs and manufactures customized unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for enterprise and military markets. xCraft partners with companies in defense, energy, security, public safety, and others to develop tailored applications that solve real-world problems.

xFold - San Francisco, CA

We believe in creating the future of agile, efficient and safe aerial robotic sUAV platforms and turn-key solutions for mission critical commercial & government operations that facilitate growth to organizations and professionals.

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Is this the answer for local cities looking to invest in American Made 

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