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When a Business Start-up gets treated badly by industry leaders

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As the admin of this forum and a Drone Industry start-up I get the opportunity to pass on my experiences trying to develop business relationships for information and parts.
Because the drone industry is in a fast growth stage and because the technology is just getting developed at light speed being new to the industry is really not that bad. The technology reinvents itself every 6 months. The Industry allows fo so many startups in every aspect. The beautiful part is the open source community is so involved. So many innovators contributing to the fast paced development of hardware and software. 

For the companies that have poor customer service and treat us like shit we will post their interactions with us. For the companies that are supportive we will promote their products and services.

For the list of established companies that have lied to us or have determined that sales is more important than service here are our current winners

GetFpv       This company openly lied to use about product availability and treated us like shit. Although we are located in Florida, their home base, we would rather pay more for the parts                       and shipping than do business with this company. (you have been warned)

ModalAi       This company plain ignores requests and makes excuses for bad service. We saw great potential in their products but figured they just were not about customer relations
                    This industry is experiencing explosive growth, so many options for flight controllers, no need to get locked into a product associated with a poor company. 


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