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3d printed commercial drone ser #2 Raspberry pi & navio2

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Just when I thought i couldn't saturate my brain any more with electrical impulses , drone ser #1 just beeping and can bus not I figured it's time to start to assemble ser #2

Same 3d printed frame, plans purchased from ebay  https://www.ebay.com/itm/154361295585?ViewItem=&item=154361295585

The Printing process is not complicated but instructions for cura settings are learn as you go. I have a couple pictures of the settings https://forumla.localad.com/community/postid/403/

A large format printer is in order for the task. So far I think the prints are successful, I have had a couple motor mounts break from tripping over the drone and have also had the main frame warp from placing it on an uneven surfae in my garage in central Florida.  It still remains to be seen about the durability of this frame.  I'm just a builder thinking the concept is solid but learning as I go.  With everything. 

And let me tell you, this technology is indeed in the beginning stages and because the CCP has been the primary supplier quality and quantity are both short in supply.

That being said because i dont drink or smoke, dont have any friends, and seem to have to always have a challenge this drone company continues forward. Did I mention the Daytona Drone Club.


ser #2






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