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3d Printed Racer Dr...
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3d Printed Racer Drone

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We have been searching for a racer build and we think we found it. Firstly it had to be 3d printed and printed by the builder! Our build starts today, look for updates on the build

The Racer Drone is designed to be fast and precise. With a low profile at 50 degree flying angle, and fins that help direct the airflow, and force the drone fly where you point it  

The Frame has great flight characteristics with this setup, and the tmotor F80's will pull some serious G's 

The frame can be printed in most materials but for the arms I suggest a more stiff material like PLA. You could also consider printing in something more premium like a carbon fiber enhanced material 

The Frame Designer and link to the .stl 3d printer files. Cura settings to follow https://antoftdesign.gumroad.com/l/NGFlyf

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