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Drone Build Rooster. A review and record of progress

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In the beginning Daytona Drone thought CHINA was the solution to the commercial drone industry, a market we wanted to develop because it's just an incredible opportunity that will grow to billions of dollars invested for increases in productivity and safety in operations.  Our original survey of equipment  was china drones are inexpensive, they have technology, They are a great Communist country that is a friend to the U.S.  We were wrong on all three points and decided to build our fleet with US made components   Developing the drone industry and investing in drone research and design is the solution to the first two points. There is no solution to the last!

So when the great Governor of Florida decided that drones made in the communist country of china would no longer be used in government agencies that motivated the many intelligent minds and entrepreneurs in America to start looking at the drone industry.  And we have come a long way in 12 months.  With the supply chain of electronic chips disrupted it is now becoming more evident there needs to be a technology revolution in the US and it's happening. No longer can the US manufacturing base reley on Asia. and yes there are semiconductor fab plants being built in the U.S. today.  The hardest part to accept is the fact that both the dems and repubs sold out the us manufacturing base to china going back to billy, then bush,then obama, only to be brought to light by the American Made movement in 2016. Thank GOD 

Bla Bla Bla enough of that patriot gibber jabber

Bridge Inspections. that was our mission.   Build a drone that can fly in GPS denied environment and transmit data for inspection

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500mm body

6s battery

9in 3blade rotors

enclosed blades 

3d printed 

Mod/payload mounts


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