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Mini Rooster motor selection

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Looking at the mini build we are comparing what others recommend for motor selection. It is important to understand all is TESTING and data gathered is experience so we try different configurations and do analysis to come to a determination of the motor for the mission. 


The Mini Rooster frame is 13.5 in.   343mm   
   the battery box is setup for a 4s battery but can hold 2 or a 6s if needed


(net) comparison     350mm Vendetta  7in prop     stator 2206-2210    min kv 1450   max 1600 


After looking at what was available and considering the performance wanted the motors were chosen

firstly these might be to big but it dependes on the payload. 

Mini Rooster is using the complete GPS denied automouse engine which mounts on the front

the primary objective is to have a stable performance flying experience balanced with time of flight

But the decision to go with 2806 was the 22 size just seemed to small and the 30 to large

iFlight 4pcs XING 2806.5 1800KV Brushless Motor 3-6S for QAV FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter (Unibell)




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ESC    The objective of this build was to include CANBUS through out.   The only relatively inexpensive ESC that are CANBUS are hollybro and they are 20 amp

Reading the reviews of the motor has an entry from a guy saying he ran the motors under load and they capped out at 21 amps not the 50ish the motor specs says.

Of course from our research and reading this blog it's understandable that there are other factors that apply when it comes to amps drawn. LIKE PROP SIZE!

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