FAA– The Good Guys for Drone operators

From the Daytona Drone President                   Daytonadrone.com Mandatory certification: When I realized the drone industry was going to require licensure I was actually pleased because this now provides the general public with some assurances that they are safe from harm and their security and privacy is protected.  When discussing drone operations I refer to the FAA as the authority, this is not something that needs to be overlooked it’s something that should be illuminated. the reason because when the FAA took authority of the drone industry a completely new set of rules and regulations were imposed when a person is required to get a part 107 certification this includes a complete set of ethics and codes that are part of the certification process. All of the sudden by needing this part 107 certification the hobby became a profession, and right along with all other FAA certifications this requires an exemplary person with the highest standards.   This  hobby is no more, having a friend with a drone perform an inspection of an item or property is now regulated operation, just like flying an airplane. There are checklists, personal responsibilities, codes of conduct, and liability. The leading up to the 2021 regulations had many people frustrated because they had no recourse from reckless drone operators. We are not talking about every drone owner but there are always bad actors that ruin it for the good guys Gaining trust in the community you are working in and with the public in general is a very important element of the mission. talking with people and allowing them insight into the operation relieves a lot of unnecessary tension as we know this day and age there are always people that want to get offended. some people are just out there looking for some type of argumentative interaction there serves no purpose for this. if there are any objections to a mission just don’t do the mission. there are always going to be people that don’t want to agree with you, our mission as drone operators is to meet the objective and not to be in a authority position, but like a lot of things in life there are people that use technology for harm or harass others. On strong point about being under the FAA umbrella is as a part 107 license the general public cannot interfer with your mission. Within the past few years as the local governments started looking at using Ariel drones and incorporated departments that could offer using drones in their operations. Police and fire created groups like first responders to structure the operations into a asset for investigations or use during fires but these are public run and with most public operations there is no real innovation, public employees are just doing their time working for retirement. Don’t get me wrong, they provide valuable services but developing new markets for drone operations is not their mission. Also with the confusion of China manufactured drones and spending US tax dollars to prop up a communist raceme a lot of time and energy gets waisted with lack of a solid strategy with concrete results. There are several industries and corporate operations that have had great success with drones in the past few years but again for the vast majority the running of a drone department is costly and keeping up with regulations difficult. Pilots, drones, equipment, maintenance rules, and the ever changing drones themselves is a hard endeavor. Many companies are now realizing that outsourcing the drone department is a better choice. With the only requirement being to establish the required data and transmission method. Allowing a specialized company that is dedicated to development in drones and drone innovation is a easy choice, no idle equipment or personnel when there are no missions, no issues with having inoperable equipment.

Moving forward into 2022 a new breed of drone is hitting the market and for us thankfully it’s an American company. Our service is now fully embracing the Skydio options and the artificial intelligence the nivida processor allows. autonomous operation has been the big talking point for the past year but in reality it was just identifying points to fly to input by the operator. This year is the beginning of true autonomous, it starts by letting the drone fly the parameters established by the operator then the drone brain determines how to complete the mission. This means the drone sees it’s surroundings and makes critical flight decisions, calculations, maneuvers to get the determined information for the mission. Did I mention the drone makes these decisions on it’s own. But it’s a different mission than the standard select your waypoints and go. This will create many new missions, the ability to operate without gps is a big factor. Flying in a closed space and avoiding collisions, thinking and calculating the best routes and being able to return using sight. A totally new operation and developing new missions will be game changing.

The Daytona Drone mission statement is about: establishing a inventory of drones for specific missions, identifying the operations, training, and maintenance for each. increasing payload options to create more missions and open more opportunities Moving to AI capable drones and establishing processes for operations and new missions taking advantage of advanced AI software We look forward to discussing drone mission development with you for your organization. The new opportunities are going to be creative and productive. We are flying AI and the most sophisticated drone available for industrial innovation

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