The gimbal like all the other components we are using are open source builds and hopefully us made components, at least when possible.

There are a couple choices for gimbals that can carry a decent camera that run for around 500, these coming from rc-hobby but using a good 32bit controller

Thats a choice, our desire is to 3d print the parts and use some quality motors and a good controller. This is possible and We will detail our options and decisions as we decide

One decision we made was to get a gopro 9 gimbal that was just released that runs for 180 bucks, all china but some mature technology so we can do some gopro video testing. Not for gopro (they suck) but for the settings and flight conditions analysis

It was decided a current gimbal controller should be used in our development so we can get the most return on our programming and advanced features. BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit extended controller with can interface is our build controller

  • Built-in Frame IMU
  • Current sensor to measure battery power consumption
  • CAN-bus to replace I2C for the IMU sensor and other periphery connection
  • Dedicated 3x SPI/PWM ports for encoder connection
  • Additional I2C port to connect 2nd IMU or encoders
  • Built-in sound beeper
  • Up to 6s LiPo battery is supported
  • Supports extra features in the firmware that are not available in «Regular» and «Tiny» versions (see «Versions comparison chart» in the «Appendix A» of the User Manual)

Motors & Encoders





camera trigger.


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