Local Drone market development

One of the most fascinating developments today is the 3D scanning capability of an off the shelf product available to everyone and at remarkable low cost. Picture this, being a technology driven person I have been working with 3d scanners, the small hand held ones, ones with spinning tables, these are the ones I can afford to expense without having to miss a meal. But what about scanning a car, or a aircraft, or lets say a cellular tower.

Here is an example of how current technology is available, it’s American Made, and so mind blowing you can’t even accept the reality. Think of this.

NVIDIA Tegra TX2, the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device available, capable of 1.3 trillion operations a second tucked securely into a small robust airframe. Did I mention Made in the US and with all the relief of not having to deal with national security issues.

Let that sink in, yes we all accept that the phones today have fast processors but a drone that can do a trillion operations a second!   Are we going to the Moon?   Now this is what we can do.

Full obstacle avoidance while capturing cross-hatched photos to generate 2D orthomosaics. User can define the scan without reliance on GPS, LTE connection, or base maps.

Contour-hugging motion planning software reduces the need
for pilots to plan photogrammetry capture flights by hand or settle for rudimentary automation

Did you get those two points.   The drone flys the object to establish the plan it will fly to gather the 3d images.  Are you starting to get the picture, the drone has a brain!!

More to come as we explore the vast mission capabilities of this remarkable Made in the United States drone in 2022.

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