Mission Planner WARNING!!

Just a information tid bit for those of you venturing out to setup a new drone build and mission planner

This is going to SUCK more than going to the dentist!!!

There is no structure, no procedures, no parts verifications, no organization of thought and alot of just stabbing in the dark, This is going to consume countless hours of not making any sense and boil over frustration. Inputs are going to take forever, reboots will take forever, firmware changes will not be accepted. Mission planner will never allow you to test motors. Endless errors will be present, when you fix one another will follow where you will never be able to activate the controller. All the parts from china will fail.

There is no way to just attach a drone controller and test the motors. The mission planner program is so screwed up the drone starts flying when you start the app but your drone will never spin the motors. Your hardware you purchased will not have any documentation and no instructions.

Any and all youtube instructions are so bad you want to screem at the bald head dork making the instructional if you can call it that. Youtube is the worst way to get any information about setting up your radio or installing a firmware.

Nobody really wants you to succeed at this, if you follow the message boards you get information that years old and lead you down a trail of tears

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