navigational data and communication tools fothe drone industry

Skyward is a flight operations management platform designed for drone operators. Their platform can be used for independent operators to plan and track flights for their drone services, and also for large teams to coordinate efforts


Drone Logbook  provides operations and compliance software for UAV Pilots. With a focus on automating workflow by supporting the importation of more than 70 different UAV log file types. The platform also provides fleet/equipment management, detailed inspection/maintenance, custom documents/reporting and more.

AirMap logo

AirMap’s cutting-edge technology transforms airspace below 500 feet to provide accurate, reliable, and trustworthy low-altitude navigational data and communication tools to the drone industry. AirMap collaborates with industry leaders such as Intel, senseFly, and others, sharing their data in the flying apps those companies provide.

Altitude Angel Logo

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company enabling the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into global airspace. The cloud platform supports both U-Space and UTM, and delivers market-leading services to drone operators, manufacturers and software developers. The platform offers real-time airspace, environmental, and regulatory data which is expertly customized to the specific operation.

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Iris Automation has built an AI-based collision avoidance system that helps drones see the world how pilots do. The Iris Automation Casia system is a turnkey solution that detects, tracks and classifies other aircraft and makes intelligent decisions about the threat they may pose to the vehicle, and triggers automated maneuvers to avoid collisions. Iris is a key partner on multiple FAA UAS Integration Pilot Programs, a participant of NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management program and a participant of Transport Canada’s BVLOS Technology Demonstration Program.

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