One on One Drone Introduction

How does it work:

Getting exposure to flying a drone useally requires you to have a friend who owns one and is willing to let you give it a crash. Not really gonna happen. Here is plan B

Lets get into the real details about flying drones. Drones are required to be registered with the FAA. unless it’s very, very small, the drone your gonna fly will be registered or should be. This is 
important for several reasons, not just because the federal government wants to police your activities, but because the potential for harm to yourself and others is there. Also the current 
drones available to the general public actually have some real capabilities. This simple hobby has turned into a new generation of flying capability. 

Again the issue of safety. Anyone who has been exposed to aviation, especally private pilot training understands the methods required to stay safe and in some cases stay alive.

As a pilot you learn how to use check lists, you study systems, learn emergency procedures.
It all revolves around being prepared and properly trained, here again this is why your friend who owns a drone probably wont let you try to fly his.

Where we start. 
Briefing.   we will give you the safety speech, install some basic responsibility rules in your brain and then give you the controls

Your first flight.  We use a standard light drone that has a stable GPS system and good battery.
What you will realize is the skills development is actually difficult. But with a solid drone incidents are few, yes they will happen, even the better pilots have bad days. just deciding to fly on a windy day can result in tragedy .  The more you learn and the more you practice the better your chances of have a long and fun drone flying hobby. Maybe even an income producing one

What to expect on lesson one.  1 hour intro to hobby drone flying.
15 min safety intro.
15min drone systems intro
15 min drone control hands on flying
15min post flight review 

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