Small Vertical Lift Air taxi

In the news this week there are legal fights about technology rights related to small vertical takeoff aircraft. Well we decided to link to some of the companies so you could see what is going on. Living in central Florida the news of the first small inter-city transportation network in the US sounded kinda futuristic, but it actually happened and the aircraft are actually real.The first commercial Urban Air Mobility passenger routes will be operational by 2025  This is the link to the news story about Orlando’s air center and the proposed aircraft manufactured by the German electric aircraft developer Lilium

Lilium To Launch Air Taxi Network In Florida Centered On Orlando

The Lilium aircraft uses  36 tilting ducted fans designed to allow it to take off and land vertically like a helicopter while cruising with the efficiency and speed of a winged aircraft.

The News story is about Wisk
Wisk Aero, a flying taxi startup backed by Boeing and Google co-founder Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk Corp, asked a California court on Wednesday to stop the alleged use of its trade secrets by rival Archer Aviation and said it was cooperating with a criminal U.S. probe.

Here is the wisk website and aircraft

The other party to the lawsuit Archer, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) whose investors include United Airlines

Who really knows what the lawsuit is about, giant corporations and their high paid lawyers drumming up legal action to get attention on their big stock sale coming up I suppose. One of the companies going public and the other entering their fourth round of financing I think, who cares this is a post about a new technology that we never thought we would see and it’s actually gonna happen real soon.

There are other manufactures and other electric-electric hybrid vertical aircraft coming out so just duckduckgo it. It’s amazing

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