SPONSOR a Local Drone Pilot

You can get involved in our communities by sponsering a drone pilot. So many youth are looking for ways to get involved in technology but the cost sometimes is the roadblock.

Help us Help them get their hands on a New And innovative technology. Yes it’s Drone flying!

We can get a potential drone racer working out and learning the many scientific elements of aviation by getting them involved in Drone flying

Safety has to be the most important part. Responsibility and safety in drone flying is a high standard. Governed by the FAA there are strict rules and regulations that must be learned and complied with. This is realtime interaction with professionals and industries. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME, IT’S REAL ACTIVITY WITH GREAT POTENTIAL1

Science of Flight
computer controls and programming
Building methods and processes. Hands on technology
The great feeling of accomplishment

It all starts here! Daytona Drone Club Get involved, sponsor a young impressive adult

We also have corporate sponsorship for events and pilot jerseys It’s great fun to watch also

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