survey drone

Surveying refers to the detailed inspection of an object or area in order to define its boundaries, establish its characteristics, and determine its potential. Surveying methods typically include observation, measurement, researching, and mapping. A survey is commonly performed in order to investigate an infrastructure, enable urban development, and assist in mining activities.

Surveyors use a number of different methods to gather information, including 3D measurement tools, sensing tools such as sniffer and infrared, and aerial photography. Each of these traditional surveying tools serves a specific purpose, and they must be used in conjunction with one another to build up the most accurate survey result, and this can be time consuming and costly.

Using a UAV for aerial mapping allows you to obtain detailed data quickly and easily. The drone enables you to bolt on whatever tools and accessories are required for each specific job, allowing you to customise the drone platform to achieve the best results. Aerial imagery and precise mapping serves as a replacement for traditional 3D measurement tools and sensing tools. A survey drone is therefore much more versatile and efficient that the traditional tools individually.

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