Nowadays the truth is hard to find. So many posts written to please the master. Getting great reviews is just a matter of paying the right price. Wait what am i saying, that opinions on products can be bought, Well there naïve little gullible friend that’s how the world turns in 2022.

So this is not a post to enlighten you on the misinformation stream, if you read the news or watch main stream media you get lied to every day and should understand this. It’s how corporations can get you to consume useless calories like pop tarts or eat cereal that is pure sugar or corn syrup or some engineered artificial sweetener. Doesn’t matter your eating it up.

Here is my honest review of the Skydio2 drone and the exhausting experience I had trying to get rid of their crappy drone.
I am all American and have been wishing on a star for an affordable us made drone so I can finally cut the China Feed from my dji intel transmitter but let me tell you don’t get fooled by a low price.
US Made, Nvidia processor, real-time collision avoidance for a thousand dollars, no way OJ.

This is just my opinion

Before I drop the reality hammer let me just complain about another marketing scam in the small home built drone building area,
All these parts come from china and are of the lowest manufacturing quality and just because some bald headed dude with the fascination of a youths industry goes on youtube and tries to win you over with some crap part because it has his name on it, well good luck and let me write that chapter’s ending. Smoke! It saddens me to see young wippersnappers lose their hard earned dollars to a manufacture in china that uses labor comprised of youth their age. Rant over. There are US made parts!!

Back to the facts. (My Experience) Skydio will take your money and wont give it back!
That’s a 30 day return policy for ya. If your unfortunate to have ordered a skydio2 and realized it doesn’t have any mission capability unless you shell out another 1500 bucks for the Enterprise Control. Just a fancy way of saying you bought some hardware but now it’s time to pay up to get this drone working. Also there’s that great 3d function thay rave about, well that will set you back about an addition 3000 and dare I forget you still have to hire a processing company to build your final product. Wholly shit that’s about 8k before flying a single mission. Not a truthful adventure once you start down the made in America path. They should be honest and advertise a very sophisticated drone with AI that will follow you around for 1000 bucks, That way when you realize it doesn’t come with a controller the unit is so limited you wont be disappointed, we all need a drone that can follow us around, what a concept. With a 12MP camera! oh boy so 2020ish.

While I’m on a rant don’t look to that fancy forum that are all inclusive, you know the one that has wings for all the brands. Yeah you can get some relevant info there but you also wont get the truth. Go there and explain with reason why the Yuneec Brand Sucks and their customer care as nonexistence. Yes it’s a china drone and a serous piece of crap from the controller to the cheap plastic parts that assemble the bird. Did I say cheep I meant crazy expensive parts that are never available. Did you hear they just quit and fall out of the sky? Mine did. Anyway your post will get dropped because they make money promoting the china drone industry

Soon china drones will fall out of favor, at least for Patriots!

So where are we going here, We are going to work to sell drone operation contracts using drones that can meet the federal and state requirements to operate in a data secure environment. Well Skydio is out for us, No matter how good their latest drone is, the bitter taste of their cooperate attitude will eliminate buying from them, again it’s just my opinion and your dollars might be easier to come by than mine. I read it was Skydio who put up all the monies to fight for legislation to kill DJI, that’s all good but to bad their products just cant compete, not even close. Did I mention the skydio 2 flys like it has a diaper full of #2 with a sagging ass and slides around corners like a drifter just beginning. Wonder why they sell it without a controller?

Yes there is a conclusion and there is hope for America, Again our next test bird is MADE IN CHINA but this one has no connection to the CCP. Will it pass the sniff test of the Florida legislature for data security. It definitely wont pass the Trump EO that says no china parts. This drone is so awesome with features we cant wait to get started, well that was the feeling with the Skydio2 and that was a turd. (you know the diaper thing)

Stay tuned we shall return! OH Yeah F you GETFPV, your the biggest rip off lying parts distributer in the US. (my opinion derived from first hand experience)

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